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Stourbridge, West Midlands

Elmfield Steiner School is the small, friendly school that offers a proven alternative to the mainstream. We follow the internationally established
Steiner Waldorf curriculum, which responds to the changing needs of the developing child, continually nourishing their social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. All the evidence suggests that children are growing up faster these days and facing ever-increasing pressure. At Elmfield we’re trying to counter this. Childhood is not a race and we don’t think it should be rushed.

Age-appropriate learning is at the heart of everything we do, allowing children to be children and still leave school with a quality education. Our GCSE results are often amongst the best in the area and yet we don’t do SATs and we don’t believe in ‘hot-housing’ pupils to achieve exam success. Instead we take a different approach that lays solid foundations and gradually builds up the work-load of our pupils appropriate to their age. Weekly lessons in arts, crafts and music are mixed into our wide range of academic subjects – essential areas that add a richness to children’s lives and teach them new skills, patience and focus.

Pupils can join Elmfield from other schools at all ages and we pride ourselves on changing their experience of what school can be like. The phrase we most often hear from new parents is ‘I’ve got my child back’. These words are usually spoken with a mix of wonder and relief.

We aim to inspire a curiosity about the world around us

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Pupils: 274

Age range 3-17

Fees per term: 

£1,690 to £2,600 depending on age. 

A discount scheme is also available.

elmfield rudolf steiner school crest

Elmfield Rudolf Steiner School

14 Love Lane



United Kingdom

Admissions E-mail: info@elmfield.com

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